Lord, Grant Boldness: The RFPA’s Witness in the Sexual Revolution (1)

RFPA Annual Meeting
By Rev. Josh Engelsma

We are presently living in the midst of a sexual revolution of monumental  scope and unheard-of influence. Our society shamelessly bows before the goddess Sex and has committed herself wholeheartedly to the promotion of her worship.

Wherever the Reformed Christian turns, the evidence of this revolution stares him in the face. He sees it when he turns on the TV. He sees it when he opens the web browser. He sees it on billboards as he drives down the highway. He sees it in the magazine rack as he stands in line at the grocery store. He sees it when he goes shopping at the mall. He sees evidence of it amongst his coworkers in the office and on the jobsite. He sees evidence of it amongst his fellow students on the university campus. He may even see evidence of it in his own family.