A Word Fitly Spoken
By Rev. Bill Langerak

Everyone, it seems, wants to be first. Understandable, for to be first is to be best or have the most of some ability or power, which usually brings riches or honor. This appeals to us. And we often imagine that if only we, or our children, our team, business, or nation, were first, life would be much better. But this isn’t true, for Jesus said, many who are first shall be last (Mark 10:31). And
so we would do well to consider from the Word what it truly means to be first.

Scripture celebrates many firsts, and even as we do, firsts with regard to time. The very first day of the very first year was when God created light (Gen. 1:5). Salvation and deliverance are often associated with the first day of a new year, as when Noah uncovered the ark to discover a new creation (Gen. 8:13). In the first month of the year, Israel was freed from the bondage of Egypt, celebrated with the Feasts of Unleavened Bread and Passover, first set up the tabernacle, crossed over Jordan into Canaan, and returned from Babylon (Ex. 40:2; Josh.
4:19; Ezra 7:9).