Teacher Training

By Prof. Russel Dykstra

Note to the Readers: Some time ago I had plans to write a series of editorials on the need for Protestant Reformed teacher training. With that in mind I wrote this editorial, intending to follow it up
with a number of articles on this subject. In the unfolding of the
editorial schedule, that was not possible…until now. We reprint
this editorial from June 1, 2014 with modifications, to start this
series up once again.
—Prof. Russell Dykstra

One of the most significant covenant blessings given to the Protestant
Reformed Churches is God’s gift of Christian schools. God establishes His covenant not merely with believers, but also with their chosen seed. Believing parents are committed—by their own baptism vows—to instructing their children in such a way that their children will
know, love, and obey Jehovah their God.