Bring the Books

Bring the Books
By Mr. Charles Terpstra

Christianizing the World: Reformed Calling or Ecclesiastical Suicide? David J. Engelsma. Jenison, MI: Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2016. Hardcover. 192 pages. $19.95. [Reviewed by Craig Ferguson.]

What a fresh and insightful book this is! As always, Prof. David Engelsma is thorough; in this case, his thoroughness is much to the chagrin of the (many) advocates of Abraham Kuyper’s common grace theory. Today we
are witnesses to a sprawling, nebulous support for the idea of Christianizing the world, one that has seeped into the broader church world, crossing denominational lines and infecting a vast number with the vague conviction that it is the church’s cultural mandate to so “build the kingdom of heaven.”
This development is the spiritual child of Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper, and has come to represent a kind of mad experiment that the broader church world has undertaken—some have undertaken it deliberately, others have joined in as unwitting followers.